Patabrava began as a family business in 1886 and continues its tradition of craftsmanship. It is one of the oldest companies in the Iberian sector.

We continue in the same fattering grasslands that our ancestors did, with the same breed 100% Iberian, the inherited method to do things with patience, craftsmanship and the highest quality control. Thus, each hook has been holding our warehouses weight of hams hanging from very different vintages, as they have already met three different centuries. In 2015 we continued our Iberian pig fattening in these same pastures, which is also our duty to keep this ecosystem for future generations. We currently manage more than 10,000 hectares of Iberian pasture.

It is also our responsibility to seek ways to improve as our grandparents and grandparents of these did. Already in the XXI century we have inaugurated modern facilities in Guijuelo, keeping the idea of craftsmanship, natural healing and love for our product.

“Something must be doing well for a family business is maintained over time. But more importantly, it looks at possible improvements we can and must take to remain at the forefront of quality, without conflicting with the heritage and tradition”.

José Luis Gómez. Manager, fourth generation.


In Patabrava we’ve nearly taken 130 years raising and caring for the Iberian pig in our own farms, always free and only with personnel who loves the Iberian pig, understand it and understand its essence and philosophy. Only then we can take the utmost care regarding all the details of the upbringing and development of a raw material peculiar and complex.

The best strains of Iberian pig, 100% pure, are crossed in our meadows as our ancestors taught us, giving an optimal result in the adaptation of these animals to each specific pasture and weather conditions each year.

In our meadows animals live in total freedom for more than two years, enjoying a minimum of two fattering grasslands, to reach the required weight.

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